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CPM - Corporate Project Management Port Elizabeth

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Franchising is widely seen as a blueprint for business success with more and more entrepreneurs opting to invest into a franchise rather than going at it on their own...

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The unfortunate reality is that every year whether by poor market conditions or bad business decisions, any business can find itself in financial distress resulting in the reality potential liquidation. Ironically, most businesses facing liquidation could have been saved had the owners understood the world of business better. This is where business coaches can be seen as the knights in shining armour.

"Basically, the purpose of a business coach is to assist business entrepreneurs with growing their business. A business coach is not some sort of guru genius, but rather an individual with a wealth of business experience he is prepared to share this with his clients.

CPM Services is a Port Elizabeth-based Coaching Franchise that has assisted numerous business owners with taking their businesses to the next level. CPM Services have predominantly operated in the Eastern Cape, but the demand for their services has allowed them to take on projects in, Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein.

The demand for their services and their structured approach has allowed them to create a uniquely South African Business Coaching franchise build around the principles of Project Management. This franchise is now available throughout South Africa and CPM Services are looking for likeminded individuals to join their family of Corporate Project Managers.